Cutters for  Tip Dresser


We will manufacture the cutter for the tip dresser. 

Please provide us with the desired size according to the following drawing.

Our cutter is compatible with MEIKU Seisakusho's dresser and cutter.

Tip Dresser/ETD-18F/ETD-25F

The tips (electrodes) of spot welding machines undergo wear and deformation of their tip shape as a result of repeated welding operations, which can cause various issues. 


Continuing welding operations with worn or deformed tips not only leads to enlargement of the nugget and poor attachment, but also increases power consumption, ultimately resulting in increased costs.


It is necessary to regularly grind and restore the tip shape of spot welding machine tips every 400 to 700 welds. However, in many work sites, this practice is rarely implemented due to the following reasons:


  1. It is cumbersome.
  2. It requires stopping the machine each time.
  3. The narrow spacing between opposing tips makes the grinding work difficult.


This is the current situation where these reasons contribute to the lack of implementation.

  1. It is small and lightweight, allowing anyone to easily perform the task.

  2. Being air-powered, it is safe to use and can adapt to various work environments.

  3. There is no need to remove the tip from the welding machine, enabling efficient work at each specific location.

  4. It is designed to be used even in narrow spaces between opposing tips, eliminating the need for special preparation.

  5. By simply replacing the cutter and cutter case, it can be used with tips of various shapes.

  6. Just by changing the orientation of the tool, it can be used with tips in any direction: upward, downward, left, or right.

  7. It particularly demonstrates its effectiveness in multi-spot welding machines.



  ETD-18F ETD-25F
Tip size 8,9,10,12,13,16,18mm 19,20,22,23,25mm
No-load 1,300 r.p.m 1,100 r.p.m
Air consumption 0.5m3/mini 0.5m3/mini
Air pressure 5 - 6Kg/cm2 5 - 6Kg/cm2
Overall length 290mm 298mm
Weight 1.6Kg 1.7Kg
Hose inner diameter 9.5mm 9.5mm

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